No more queues,
but always safe.

The sanitizing systems for baskets and trolleys are designed to be safe and fast.

Perfect partners for supermarkets and airports

The sanitation systems for baskets and trolleys are specifically designed to facilitate their positioning within the store and the transit of customers. For this reason they are ideal to be placed in supermarkets and in areas with a high people flow such as airports.


Highly customizable

You can customize your sanitizer for your needs of space, flow and frequency of use.


Why should you choose them?

They optimize times:

based on continuous micronization, they allow the quick and consecutive sanitization of baskets and trolleys. This process avoids the risk of crowds and eliminates unnecessary waiting and queues!

You can customize them:

you have free wiil about the sanitizer, as long as it is certified against Covid, for a legal-proof decontamination. You can choose from numerous dilutable medical aids, including sanitizers based on chlorine, peroxide or quaternary ammonium. We recommend Tecnosan, a certified sanitizer against Covid, offered directly by Tecnoter Group.

They are sicure:

thanks to the particular design, they generate a cloud of cold sanitizer that remains constantly inside the sanitation system... no dispersion into the atmosphere

Professional sanitation:

they sanitize according to government directives in a safe, complete and certified way

Automation and intuitiveness:

the customer himself will sanitize his own basket! Simply insert it into the sanitizing system and then collect it ready for use!

Equipped with micronization technology:

they form a "mist" that settles in the right amount on all surfaces in contact with the air, therefore they do not damage fabrics or surfaces. They are the right choice to sanitize cars, taxis, ambulances and buses as well.