compact, effective.

RC Green’s GDU Micronizers sanitize facilities and vehicles in just a few minutes.

Micronizzatori GDU

Perfect for small and large sized areas

Powerful and user-friendly, GDU Micronizers are the ideal partner to sanitize small, medium and large sized areas in just a few minutes. In the workplace, try them during the employees shift change or the lunch break.

They are perfect to sanitize business facilities, gyms, restaurants, dental offices, shopping centers, beauty centers, industries, offices, shops, airports,  stations… and you can also use them to sanitize your home or your car!

Why should you choose them?

They maximize profits:

you can use them whenever you want, without relying on other people or companies, nor depending on their times and prices

They sanitize in a few minutes:

your customers will not have to wait outside the door, because you can sanitize your business in a few minutes... even during the lunch break!

You can customize them:

you have free wiil about the sanitizer, as long as it is certified against Covid, for a legal-proof decontamination. You can choose from numerous dilutable medical aids, including sanitizers based on chlorine, peroxide or quaternary ammonium. We recommend Tecnosan, a certified sanitizer against Covid, offered directly by Tecnoter Group.

Certified sanitation:

they sanitize according to government directives in a safe, complete and certified way

Automation and intuitiveness:

there is no need for the constant presence of a person: switch on, wait, and that's it! In this way, you avoid "handmade" execution and unnecessary human hazard.

Equipped with micronization technology:

they form a "mist" that settles in the right amount on all surfaces in contact with the air, therefore they do not damage fabrics or surfaces. They are the right choice to sanitize cars, taxis, ambulances and buses as well.

Data sheet

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